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Myconid Sovereign

This costume was commissioned by Wizards of the Coast for the PAX 2015 Acquisition’s Inc D&D game, to be worn by DM Chris Perkins.

Myconids are mushroom/fungus/humanoid creatures; like a fungal Ent or Groot. The costume is my original design, based on artwork from the Dungeons & Dragons Monster Manual. I took inspiration for the shapes and colors from shelf fungus. The orange robe is based on a regency dress pattern.

Meris mullaley img 3392

Full Myconid Costume, as worn by Chris Perkins.

Meris mullaley dsc 5114

3/4 view - Myconid Sovereign

Meris mullaley dsc 5108

Front view - Myconid Sovereign

Meris mullaley dsc 5104

Back view - Myconid sovereign

Meris mullaley myconid sovereign v2

Costume concept illustration

Meris mullaley myconid sovereign edits

Concept with feedback (red) from Wizards of the Coast

Meris mullaley img 3166

Shelf fungi that inspired the costume color palette.